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Taking the CELPIP exam helps many individuals become permanent residents or citizens of Canada. It’s a very important step towards reaching your goal of living in Canada and designed exclusively by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to examine one’s skills and abilities in the Canadian English language.

If you’re preparing to apply for the CELPIP exam, you must prepare yourself to be thoroughly assessed for your writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills in English. This may sound like a daunting task, however, by preparing yourself with helpful tips, you can improve your chances of passing. Read on to discover the four tips you need to improve your chances of the CELPIP English exam.

  • Practice Using A Computer

All CELPIP exams are administered on a computer instead of using a pen and paper. Therefore, it’s imperative that you spend a significant amount of time practicing using a computer, along with a mouse and keyboard to improve your speed of use. You want to feel completely comfortable navigating a computer for when the test comes. DEA Canadian College’s CELPIP Vancouver test provides you with a CELPIP exam weekly to become familiar with what to expect and become proficient in all areas of the test.

  • Manage Your Time Wisely

The CELPIP exam is delivered completely on a computer and is timed. Although this can seem intimidating, with enough practice and time spent preparing, you will know how to manage your time wisely and effectively during the actual test. The timer will inform you of how much time you have remaining for each section you’re in. Spending your time monitoring the timer can cause anxiety and inhibit focus. Our CELPIP Vancouver exam preparation teaches you how to maximize your time during the test to ensure you’re focused and confident.

  • Always Review Your Work

It may be tempting to complete the exam and await the results, but you should always spend some time checking and reviewing your work. If you have time left after completing, which you should with DEA Canadian College preparations, you should thoroughly read over the listening, writing and reading components for any errors you may have missed or to add to any sections you did not fully understand. If you believe that you have answered all questions to the best of your ability afterward, you can wait for the exam to end.

  • Speak Clearly and Naturally

Do not worry about your accent during the speaking part of the CELPIP exam. The examiners disregard accents and focus solely on your ability to speak clearly and at a normal, natural pace during the exam. Concentrate on your use of accurate grammar, speaking clearly into the microphone, and answering questions completely.

DEA Canadian College offers a CELPIP Vancouver exam preparation course to help individuals prepare and improve their chances of success on the real CELPIP exam. We will help you improve your writing skills, provide you with weekly CELPIP exam examples, test you in all four areas of the test, and help you maximize your time during it. Apply today to register with us!

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