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Co-op Work Permit

Co-op Work Permit

If your study includes a co-op or work placement, all international students are required to apply for a co-op work permit as well as a study permit. You must submit the application for a co-op work permit alongside the study permit. This document will allow you to work full time during your co-op work placement and you need to present the permit before your co-op component starts.

How Do students apply for the co-op work permit?

If applying for a study permit for the first time, no separate application form is necessary; instead, a letter confirming the program's requirement for a work permit must be submitted along with the application. This letter can be located on DEA CANADIAN College’s Letter of Acceptance. If already in Canada, the applicant must apply for one of the following options:

Extension of study permit, specifying the need for a co-op work permit on the form; or

Work permit within Canada, indicating the requirement for a "co-op work permit."