Enrolled: 100 students
Duration: Per Semester

Business English – Basics:

  • Improve your Business English Language skills
  • Develop your Business Vocabulary and Reading skills
  • Develop your Business Communication style
  • Learn how to make requests in the context of Business English

Business Writing:

  • Learn how to write a successful resume and Cover letter
  • Learn how to write Business Letters and Emails
  • Help you make effective presentations in English
  • Learn how to develop your expertise in Content writing

English for Business Speaking:

  • Improve your Business English Vocabulary
  • Improve your Business English Communication skills
  • Help you deliver professional Business speeches
  • Help you improve your Networking skills

Business Foundation:

  • Develop basic literacy in the Language of Business
  • Learn the fundamentals of Marketing
  • Learn cross-cultural awareness within the Business sector
  • Learn Marketing Strategy
  • Develop Business knowledge and skills to start up a new business or improve your Business

Business Plan Development:

  • Create a sound ‘living’ document
  • Develop an Executive summary, target market, operational strategy, marketing research analysis

Business English for Meetings and Presentations:


  • You will learn how to arrange a meeting though email and by phone
  • Learn Vocabulary and skills related to participating in meetings
  • Participate in on-site meetings and/or Teleconferences with more confidence


  • How to use persuasive language in a Business presentation
  • How to use Graphs and Charts
  • Help you make effective presentations in English
  • How to organize information for your presentations
  • How to present in an organized and engaging way


This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.